What’s The “One Thing” You Can Do To Help Your Business Grow In 2019?

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I was on a counseling call the other day with a client, talking about the goals he had set for his business for 2019.

Now, my client is a great guy, incredibly gifted entrepreneur, and amazing businessman. I have no doubt he’ll be able to accomplish every single goal he has set for the coming year. However, what he needed from me was a bit of guidance as to how to go about accomplishing them.

And he’s definitely not alone, here. All too often, I see business owners fall into some of the sale old traps:

  • Tackling too many goals or problems at once
  • Taking care of small problems while larger problems continue to get worse
  • Not knowing which goals to focus on in the first place

In the business world, where efficiency is key, being slowed down in any of these ways is pretty much a recipe for disaster.

On the other side of things, the successful entrepreneur understands:

  • Which goals or problems to focus on first
  • Why focusing on accomplishing these goals (or solving these problems) benefits the company
  • The implications of not accomplishing these goals or solving these problems

In short, successful entrepreneurs truly know their “one thing.”

What’s Your “One Thing” For 2019?

The main focus of today’s episode of the Insane Growth podcast is, of course, the “one thing.”

That is, we’ll be talking about how to determine the one thing you need to do to spur your business to greatness—and how to become laser-focused on making it happen.

Throughout the episode, we’ll discuss:

  • My client’s “one thing”: How we figured out what it was, and how we started out to accomplish it
  • My recent experience with the “one thing” exercise
  • Some tips and tricks to get started in finding your “one thing” for those who need a bit more guidance

My goal for this episode is to help you understand that, while you likely have a number of goals for your business, it’s best to focus on the ones that will have the most impact first. That way, you can start seeing major gains in these areas as you begin focusing on the other important areas of your company.

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