The Real Reason Your Marketing Isn’t Working (And How To Fix It)

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There’s no denying that marketing any business comes with its fair share of challenges.

For one thing, everyone is constantly being bombarded with marketing messages from businesses in a variety of industries.

Unfortunately, this means you’re competing for visibility not just against your direct competition, but also against businesses that operate outside of your niche as well.

To add to that, people are getting smarter and smarter in a number of ways. Most everyone nowadays is wary of being “taken” and can sniff out a thinly-veiled sales pitch a mile away.

Even worse, 40% of people use some form of ad-blocking software, making it downright impossible for you to reach them via certain marketing channels like Google Display ads.

And even if you do end up getting your marketing message in front of your intended audience, this doesn’t guarantee they’ll end up engaging with you.

If your message or offer is even slightly “off” in any way, your target market will likely just keep on scrolling and forget all about you.

This last point is what I’ll be focusing on in this week’s episode of the Insane Growth podcast.

The Real Reason Your Marketing Isn’t Working (And How To Fix It)

If your recent marketing campaigns haven’t been nearly as effective as you’d hoped they’d be, the problem almost always involves a combination of the following factors:

  • Reach
  • Frequency
  • Value Proposition

First things first — you need to be sure your marketing messages are reaching the right people. Obviously, if the people seeing your content have no need for your products or services, they’ll have no reason to engage with your ads at all.

Even if you are reaching the right people (on the right channels), they probably aren’t going to take further steps in the buying journey right off the bat.

In fact, most consumers need to be exposed to a business’s marketing content SEVEN times before they’ll even begin considering doing business with that company.

Finally, your marketing content needs to go above and beyond in terms of providing value to your target audience.

There’s a huge difference between simply exposing people to your business and exposing them to your business’s value.

(It’s also worth mentioning that making this shift in your approach to marketing will allow you to move away from focusing on simply “making sales”, so you can become laser-focused on providing value to your target customers first.)

In the podcast I’ll discuss each of these points in a bit more detail and also explain how my own approach to marketing has evolved over the years.

While the specific tactics I use may or may not be effective for your business, it’s important to understand the underlying fundamentals of the tactics in order to figure out how to best use them within your own marketing campaigns.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

  • Google Ads (Formerly Adwords): A platform for creating paid ads to be displayed within Google’s search results, as well as on third-party sites within Google’s network
  • Facebook Ads: A platform for creating paid ads to be displayed on Facebook and Instagram

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