Five Tips We Used To Reduce Our Facebook Ad Spend By 335%

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Here on the Insane Growth podcast, I’ve spoken a couple times about the massive amount of success I’ve had using Facebook to grow my business:

  • In Episode 11, I talked about how to generate sales at scale by getting your target customers to make “micro commitments”
  • In Episode 15, I explained how I used Facebook Live to generate a recurring revenue stream of $25,000

For today’s episode, I decided to focus on how I go about creating Facebook Ad campaigns that are not just highly effective, but also cost-effective, as well.

The idea stemmed from a recent mentoring session I had with my Inner Circle group, where I compared the results of two ads I’d ran on Facebook. The first ad generated opt-ins at $4.66 per, while the second ad did so at $1.39—an incredible 335% reduction in ad spend. Needless to say, we ditched the first ad completely, and began promoting the better-performing one heavily.

Now, I didn’t just get lucky with that second ad, or anything like that. This highly-effective ad was the result of a ton of testing, tweaking, and even overhauling of a number of different ads over the course of several months. By going through this process, my team and I were able to optimize each aspect of our Facebook Ads, which then enabled us to create our most effective ad to date.

Five Tips To Reduce Your Facebook Ad Spend By 335%

In this episode of the Insane Growth podcast, I’m going to provide five things we learned throughout this process—and explain how you can implement these tips into your own Facebook Ad campaigns.

The tips:

  • Test multiple images for a single ad
  • Use interesting or unexpected images
  • Include a person or a more personal subject within your images
  • Match your copy to your image (and vice-versa)
  • Match the “feel” of your ad to the Facebook platform

For each tip, I’ll explain how I came to the conclusion that each is important, and discuss the reasons adhering to these tips enabled us to create such a highly-effective Facebook ad.

While you certainly can take the tips at face value, you have much more to gain by listening to the episode and learning about the “whys” behind each of them.

Resources Mentioned In This Episod

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