Good Marketing Is Driven By Emotion, Bad Marketing Uses Logic

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When it comes to buying decisions, about 5% of people use their logical brain. These are the people who love low prices and love reading about your process or going over your entire feature list.

Most people, however, buy using some sort of emotion. The world’s best businesses appeal to one primary emotion — and that emotion is hope.

How Hope Can Be Used To Improve Your Marketing

If you can give someone hope of a better business or hope of a better life — and you can show how your product or service can get them from where they are now to where they want to be, then you’ve built an emotional bond with them.

And when someone is emotionally invested in you, then they’re willing to take the next step and become a customer or client.

Amazon is the best example of logical selling. Their prices are low and that’s what they’re known for. If you want to buy commodity items, you’ve been trained to buy them from Amazon because they will cost you less.

The weight loss industry is a good example of emotional selling. We’ve all seen before-and-after photos. These are a visual shorthand for hope.

Hope that someone who is overweight and out of shape can regain their old body, get control of their eating and live a healthier lifestyle.

If you want your marketing to be a lot more effective, then you need to start providing hope to your prospects.

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