How The Conor McGregor Mindset Can Help You Succeed In Business

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If you’ve seen even just ten seconds of an interview or press conference with Conor McGregor, you already know a few things about him:

  • He’s insanely confident
  • He knows exactly what he wants
  • Once he sets his sights on something, he becomes hell-bent on getting it

And if you know anything about McGregor’s actual career, you know that he pretty much always gets what he wants. In terms of fighting, he’s bested nearly every challenger he’s faced over the years. In terms of his brand, McGregor always comes out ahead; whether he wins or loses, his net worth increases every time he enters the ring.

The best part? McGregor essentially created his own destiny. He went from working blue-collar jobs in a small town in Ireland to being the most recognizable face in his sport – and one of the most recognized faces in all of sports – in the span of only a few years. While genetics and natural talent have certainly helped him along the way, it’s McGregor’s determination, work ethic, and overall mindset that have gotten him where he is today.

But the point of this episode isn’t just to retell the story of Conor McGregor’s rise to megastardom. The focus, here, is on what McGregor’s story can tell you about what it takes to succeed in the business world.

How The Conor McGregor Mindset Can Help You Succeed As An Entrepreneur

In this episode of the Insane Growth podcast, I walk you through a number of quotes and quips from Conor McGregor that truly showcase the qualities that have helped him experience continued success over the years.

The qualities I focus on include his:

  • Passion: McGregor is always “on.” Even when he’s not in the gym, he’s training, exercising, or growing in some way that will give him an edge in the ring.
  • Determination: McGregor is all about setting insane goals, then doing whatever it takes to maximize his chances of achieving them.
  • Confidence: Going along with the above, McGregor’s outlook is as if he’s guaranteed to reach his goal from the get-go. While some may call it cockiness, it’s more that McGregor trusts in himself to work hard enough to get where he needs to be.
  • Resilience: Of course, the man isn’t untouchable – and that’s okay. Part of what makes McGregor who he is is that, whether he wins or loses a match, he’s always back to training for his next bout as soon as he possibly can be.
  • Growth Mindset: McGregor is never one to rest on his laurels. Case in point, after reaching the pinnacle of the MMA world, he decided to take on Floyd Mayweather – one of the best boxers of all time. With McGregor, the question always seems to be “What’s next?”

I also talk mention a few aspects of McGregor’s personality that call back to points I’ve made in a few previous episodes of the podcast. Most importantly, I talk about how McGregor has integrated his professional life with his personal life (rather than compartmentalizing them), and how his performing at his highest capacity ultimately benefits everyone in his tribe and his industry.

Even from this short description of this episode, I’m sure you’re able to see some of the ways that adopting McGregor’s outlook can lead you to major success as an entrepreneur. Within the actual episode, I dig a bit deeper, discussing and unpacking quotes from the man himself – and what these quotes have to do with being successful in the business world. So, be sure to give the episode a listen – and jot down any words of wisdom that strike a chord within you.

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