Your Circle Of Influence Might Actually Be Holding Your Business Back

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You’ve probably heard the old saying that goes something like:

“We become like the the five people we spend the most time with.”

Typically, whenever someone brings this idea up, they talk about how spending time with massively successful individuals is more conducive to your own success than hanging out with the exact opposite type of people (those with no motivation, work ethic, etc.).

While this message certainly isn’t wrong, it’s also a bit obvious. I mean, if the five people you spend the most time with aren’t doing much with their lives, chances are you aren’t either—no matter how much you want to break away from the pack.

What I want to talk about today is the “middle ground” we often overlook when mulling over this idea.

The thing is, it’s absolutely possible to surround yourself with hard-working, diligent, and successful people—and still be holding yourself back from your true potential.

The reason:

While these individuals may be successful in general terms, they might not necessarily be on the level you’ve been striving to reach for your business.

For example, a friend of mine belongs to a circle close-knit group of entrepreneurial peers whose companies average about $321K in revenue per year. Clearly, the people in this group are knowledgeable, talented, and willing to work hard for everything they’ve accomplished. They definitely don’t fit the “extreme negative” caricature that usually comes to mind when we talk about “your five people.”

The problem, here, is that my friend’s business does over $1 million in annual revenue—which, of course, is leaps and bounds ahead of the “average” performance in his peer group. So, while everyone else within the group has my buddy to look to for advice on how to grow, he unfortunately can’t say the same: he’s already “been there, done that.”

Now, this isn’t to say that my friend (or anyone else) should up and ditch their good friends altogether. And it’s also not to say that we shouldn’t lend a hand to those who haven’t yet reached the level of success we have, either.

The point is, my friend—and others like him—will have an incredibly difficult time building their business to the $3m, $5m, or $10m mark if they spend most of their time around people who have yet to accomplish what they already have.

Your Circle Of Influence Is Holding Your Business Back

In this episode of the Insane Growth podcast, I dig a bit further into the idea that “what got you here won’t get you there”—specifically focusing on the people you decide to surround yourself with.

Throughout the episode, we’ll:

  • Do a bit of a thought exercise to show how important your circle of influence is to your success as an entrepreneur
  • Dig into the specific ways evolving your inner circle can help you grow both personally and professionally
  • Talk about my own experiences evolving my inner circle—and the massive amount of success I experienced because of it


The takeaway from all this is quite simple:

The more time you spend with the people you look up to, the easier it will become to emulate whatever it is you admire about them. But, you’ll never be able to follow in the footsteps of these individuals if you’re constantly looking back to where you and your current group of peers has already been.

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