What I’ve Learned About Being a Dad and an Entrepreneur

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In this episode of the Insane Growth podcast, I decided to take a break from talking business strategies and tactics.

Instead, I wanted to talk a bit about my philosophical approach to juggling life as a father, husband, and entrepreneur.

Now, I know everyone listening to this has their own unique set of goals for their businesses, their families, and their lives. There’s no “right” answer, here; what we end up wanting out of life often stems from our personality and our earlier experiences up until this point.

That said, my personal history (which I briefly discuss on the podcast) brought me to my decision to prioritize being a father above everything else in my life. More specifically, my goals are to:

  • Be present and active in my children’s lives
  • Never have them want for anything
  • Provide a safe, fun, and educational environment for them to grow up in

Of course, I also have a ton of goals for my professional life, as well. But the reason I have these business-related goals in the first place is because accomplishing them will allow me to accomplish my more important family-related goals.

What I’ve Learned About Being a Dad and an Entrepreneur

The latter half of this episode is all about what I’ve learned in my few short years as a father, and how these lessons have shaped the way I operate in business and in life.

While I’m in no way saying my experiences and approaches are the same as yours or anyone else’s, it will definitely help for you to hear my explanations as to how and why I operate the way I do.

At any rate, in this podcast I discuss the importance of

  • Work/Life Integration: As opposed to merely striving to create a work/life balance, I intentionally make my work a part of my life, and my life a part of my work.
  • Enabling Your Spouse: Part of being a good father is being a good husband. For me, this means fully understanding my wife’s goals, and working to help her accomplish them however I can.
  • Including Your Children in Your “Real” Life: This doesn’t simply mean dragging your kids to the office, or on errands, or on vacation. It’s essential that you get your children actively involved in your life – for a number of reasons.
  • Being Around for the Formative Years: As I said earlier, my absolute top priority in life is to be present and active in my children’s lives. This is especially important to me right now, as both of my girls are still so young.

As I wrap up the episode, I come back to one final, overarching piece of advice:

Stay focused on what really matters. It doesn’t matter if it’s fatherhood, entrepreneurship, or anything else. Whatever it is, make sure everything you do in life is done with that one thing in mind at all times.

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