A Quick Exercise To Help You Define And Architect Your “Perfect Day”

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You ever have one of those days that was just absolutely perfect?

I don’t just mean the kind of day where you hit every green light on your way home, or find $50 on the sidewalk (although those are nice, too!).

I’m talking about the kind of day you look back on with complete satisfaction. The days you spent where you love to be, with the people you love to be with. The days where good things didn’t just “happen” to you; you actually made them happen.

Though we all have our own definition of what we’d consider a “perfect day” to consist of, one thing’s for sure:

We don’t experience these “perfect days” nearly as often as we’d like to.

More specifically, we don’t experience our “perfect day” exactly as we picture it as often as we’d like to.

Sure, we experience parts of our “perfect day” all the time. Sometimes we have productive and enjoyable days at work; other days we get to spend time with our loved ones; still others we have time to dig into our hobbies and pastimes.

But it’s a rare occasion where you actually get to experience all of these things in a single day.

What if I told you, though, that you absolutely can increase your chances of experiencing your idea of a “perfect day” more often?

How to Architect Your “Perfect Day”

The focus of this episode of the Insane Growth podcast is on architecting your “perfect day.”

Basically, I’m going to talk about how to live your life in such a way as to put yourself in position to experience the various aspects of your “perfect day” as often as possible.

First, I bring you through an exercise that allows you to not just define your “perfect day,” but to analyze it, as well. The goal, here, is for you to understand why you value the various aspects of your “perfect day”—and to begin intentionally working to make these aspects more common throughout your actual life.

To illustrate how this exercise works, I then bring you through a typical day in my life as it is today—and compare it to a typical day in my life years ago.

(Spoiler alert: I’m in a much better place today.)

The point of doing so is to show you how I used visualization techniques to architect my “perfect day,” and then focused my energy on doing whatever I needed to do to make my “perfect day” happen much more often.

In turn, I hope you’re able to take what you learn from this episode and apply it to your own life—and that you’re able to make every day of your life as close to perfect as possible.

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