5 Tips To Help You Scale Your Business To 7 Figures (And Beyond)

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If you’ve listened to pretty much any other episode of the Insane Growth podcast, you’ve probably heard me talk about my now 18-year long career as an entrepreneur.

While I’ve definitely experienced a ton of success over this period of time, what often gets lost in the shuffle is the fact that, for about the first six of those years, I wasn’t seeing anything close to the results I probably could have been seeing.

Looking back, I feel like I spent the first one-third of my entrepreneurial career essentially spinning my wheels.

Don’t get my wrong: my team and I were definitely experiencing a fair amount of success back then. But, for a number of reasons (mostly due to our inexperience), it took us all of those first six years before our business really started to take off.

The thing is:

It didn’t have to take six years for things to start speeding off into the right direction. It’s simply that it took six years for all of the major “a-ha” moments to kick in.

In the interest of saving you some time, I’m going to tell you exactly what these vital nuggets of knowledge are here in this podcast episode.

5 Tips To Scale Your Business To 7 Figures (And Beyond)

As we’ve done a few times in the past, I decided to use my most recent Facebook Live broadcast as the meat of today’s episode of the Insane Growth podcast.

(For the record, the broadcast in question ended up being my most successful yet in terms of engagement. So, I’m pretty confident that you’ll find something of value, here.)

In this episode of Insane Growth, I dive deep into five key “rules” you need to operate under in order to spur your company to the 7-figure realm, including:

  • Set goals, but focus on your routine
  • Reassess and adjust your mindset
  • Aim for the step beyond your next step
  • What got you here won’t get you there
  • Settle in for the long haul

As you can see—and as I get more into in the actual episode—there are a few common threads throughout each of these fundamental principles:

For one thing, you need to always be thinking about what’s coming down the pike. If you’re only prepared for today, then whatever you accomplish today is all you’ll end up accomplishing.

Secondly, you need to take action. Yes, having a game plan and knowing where you intend to end up is important—but if all you do is plan, you’ll never get where you want to be.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, be patient. There is no way to gain guaranteed, sustainable success overnight. If you really want to build something great, you need to have absolutely no problem spending six (and probably more) years building it.

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