How To Turn $1,000 In To $25,000 Per Month Using Facebook Live Streams

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Here on the Insane Growth podcast, I’ve talked a lot about my love of using video for content marketing purposes.

Those of you who have been listening since the beginning know that the video content I created for BigCommerce was a huge reason the company ended up being so successful. Not only did using video allow me to build awareness and trust among my target audience, but it also allowed me to become the face of the brand, as well.

(As we’ve talked about before, this has major implications for both your company and yourself as an entrepreneur.)

But while video content is certainly an effective way to generate leads in itself, you can now take things a step further with the use of the various live streaming services available today.

Essentially, live streaming provides all the benefits of recorded video content, while also allowing you to engage instantly and directly with your viewers for a variety of purposes. This, in turn, provides you with a number of opportunities to nurture your leads closer and closer to conversion with little to no friction.

Though, as I said, there are a number of live streaming services available today, I’ve found Facebook Live to be the most effective and efficient one around.

(A quick note: The strategies I talk about in this episode work best for companies that sell high-ticket products or services. That said, live streaming can still be an effective way to market your brand regardless of your niche.)

How To Turn $1,000 In To $25,000 Per Month Using Facebook Live Streams

In this episode of the Insane Growth podcast, I’m going to explain how I used Facebook Live to turn an initial investment of only $1,000 into $25,000 of recurring revenue.

Overall, there are two main “phases” of this process:

  • Creating and broadcasting of the live content
  • Promoting the content

As is the case when creating content of any kind, your main purpose when broadcasting live should always be to provide value of some kind to your viewers. Typically, this means helping them solve problems or overcome obstacles via explicit instruction, demonstration, and other such means that work well on video. Throughout the episode, I’ll provide a number of examples of how you can use live streams to provide this value.

Another thing live streams have in common with other forms of content marketing is the use of a call to action. However, the way in which CTAs are best used within live video differs rather drastically—a point that I dig deep into within this episode.

Now, while I mentioned that part of the allure of live streaming is the ability to directly engage with your viewers, that doesn’t mean the live stream completely loses its value once it’s over. In fact, I’ve found that they become even more valuable after the fact.

That is, as long as you promote them to the right people.

With that in mind, I use the remainder of this episode of Insane Growth to explain how I “boost” my Facebook Live streams, including how I:

  • Choose who to boost each video to
  • Allocate my ad spend
  • Use data collected from these campaigns to retarget high-quality prospects

It’s quite simple, really:

If you can create valuable, engaging content via your live streams, and you know how to get your broadcasts in front of the right audience, you’ll have no problem turning very little ad spend into major recurring gains for your company.

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