How To Hit 7 Figures In Sales Quickly, Using My “PASO” Framework

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Think about the average web page, sales letter, ad or email:

  • It’s all about the business
  • It’s all about features
  • It’s boring and uninspiring

When I started as an entrepreneur in 2001, I had no idea how to craft compelling marketing messages that made people buy.

I did what most founders do — I copied what my competitors were doing!

I figured “hey, if they’re doing it, then it must be working!”.


I struggled to grow my first business to 7 figures for years — even though I had a GREAT product.

The problem with 99% of marketing is that it has nothing to do with the customer and everything to do with the business.

  • They sell features not benefits
  • They sell the process and not the outcome
  • They say “us” way more than “you”

If your marketing isn’t knocking it out of the park, then let me help you out.

Are you ready to learn how successful businesses run their marketing?

Want to create marketing that magnetizes prospects to buy from you almost effortlessly?


Great marketing starts and ends with my “PASO” framework.

  • P = Problem
  • A = Agitation
  • S = Social Proof
  • O = Outcome

Let’s break it down…

Before anyone will buy from you, they need to know you understand their problem at a very detailed level.

That’s the P.

For example, if I was a personal trainer, then the “P” in my market is losing weight.

Easy enough, right?

The “A” is where we agitate the problem. We remind people how the problem is currently affecting their business or their life.

Sticking with our personal training example, we might agitate the problem in a few ways:

  • Being overweight affects your confidence
  • Being overweight makes it hard to date
  • Being overweight makes you worry about your health

… you get the idea.

For “S”, we’re using social proof to prove we can help our market solve a big problem in their business or their life.

People believe what your customers say, not what you say. So testimonials work incredibly well here.

You want to use what I call “specific result” testimonials.

These are testimonials that show it’s completely possible to get a specific result by working with you.

Here’s a bad testimonial:

“Working with Mitch, I lost weight and feel good.”

It lacks specificity and detail. And when testimonials lack detail, we don’t believe them — EVEN if they’re real.

Here’s a good testimonial:

“I’ve been working with Mitch for 9 months. In that time, I’ve lost 45 pounds, have stopped drinking and have met the love of my life. Did I think this was possible when I started? Hell no! But I’m living proof that if you do the work, you get the results!”

See the difference?

The best marketing enters the conversation the prospect is already having in their own head.

Finally, “O” is for outcome.

You want to paint a picture of what their business or life will look like once they’ve worked with you to solve their problem.

The phrase “Imagine when” is a powerful anchor here:

  • “Imagine when you can keep up with your kids, instead of feeling tired and lethargic all the time”
  • “Imagine when you have the confidence to go out and meet new people — maybe even a new partner?”
  • “Imagine when people start complimenting you on your new body — even people you don’t know!”

What we’re doing here is teleporting people into the future.

A future where 1) they work with you because 2) they believe you’re the best person to solve their problem.

The “PASO” framework makes marketing a lot easier. And it puts the CUSTOMER at the center of the conversation, NOT you.

Want step-by-step instructions to implement my “PASO” framework in your business? Want to see how we use it in our ads, landing pages and emails? Check out Lead Generation Machine.

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