Three Key Methods for Challenging Your Assumptions

This episode of the Insane Growth podcast focuses on the problem with making assumptions, and the benefits of challenging your own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs rather frequently.

See, we all come with our own set of preconceived notions based on our individual personalities, backgrounds, and experiences.

(This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If we don’t learn and come to better understand the world through our experiences, there’s no point in experiencing them.)

But major problems can arise for those who begin to see their way of thinking or seeing the world as incontrovertible fact.

For one thing, it can cause you to make rash decisions without truly considering the possible implications of doing so. For business owners, this could potentially lead to the loss of millions of dollars (or worse, the company as a whole).

Secondly, taking your assumptions as Gospel can cause you to become stubborn in your decision making. If you’re not open to other ways of looking at a problem, you’ll never discover the optimal solution.

Finally, holding onto your preconceived notions too tightly can cause you to fall victim to confirmation bias. That is, you’ll begin willfully ignoring the valuable advice being thrown your way in favor of any words of “wisdom” that conform to your own ideas.

It’s not just that blindly following your assumptions can cause immediate problems for your business (and your life in general). To make things worse, this tunnel vision can cause you to continue making the same mistakes over and over – without even an inkling of an idea as to what’s going wrong.

So, with all that in mind, today we’re going to be talking about how to challenge your assumptions.

Challenging Your Assumptions

In this episode, I explain the exact steps I take to intentionally challenge my assumptions and preconceived notions about the world around me (related to my businesses or elsewhere).

This process includes:

  • Approaching situations and circumstances objectively
  • Revisiting content that I’ve found valuable in the past
  • Expanding my network to include those who have been where I want to be

While I always go through this process whenever I’m faced with important decisions in my businesses or my life, these aren’t the only times I do so. As I explain toward the end of this episode, I also revisit and reassess my beliefs as a simple matter of course. In doing so, I’ve guaranteed that I continue learning and growing not just from my own experiences, but from the experiences of my mentors, colleagues, and others in my network as well.

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