Attention Is The New Currency — And Why That Matters For Entrepreneurs

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What I want to talk about with you today is the importance—and value—of attention.

More specifically, I want to discuss the fact that in recent years, the brands that have experienced the most success are the ones that have focused squarely on generating the attention of their target market FIRST.

Now, this probably isn’t all that earth-shattering to you. Of course you need to get your target market’s attention before you’re able to sell to them.

But there’s more to it than that.

See, with that approach, you have to first invest a ton of energy (not to mention money and other resources) into generating your target market’s attention — and then invest even more into landing the sale.

And then you have to do it all over again whenever you introduce a new product or service.

As I discuss in this episode, I’d argue that investing heavily into intensifying your target market’s attention in the first place will make converting them (and retaining them) much easier in the long run.

Which is why I believe that attention is the new currency.

Attention is the New Currency

Unpacking the idea that “attention is the new currency” could, of course, take hours (at the very least).

Rather than wax philosophical for hours on end, I thought that the best way to explain exactly what I mean is to show you how this approach has helped me grow my own companies from the ground up.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • How I’ve generated and intensified attention in different ways across my 8 companies since 2001
  • How YOU can start getting attention which you can then turn into revenue quickly
  • The transferable—and seemingly infinite—nature of attention in a world filled with short attention spans

I also touch on some of the best practices for creating marketing and advertising content that generates not just “any” kind of attention, but the kind of attention that leads to a measurable life in sales.

And, as a bit of a wrap up, I pose a powerful question to help guide your approach to marketing—and to running your business—throughout the year.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

  • Insane Growth Playbook: Three free training videos focused on generating leads, increasing sales, and recruiting top-level employees
  • Medium: A publishing platform I use to share my experiences as an entrepreneur
  • LinkedIn: A professional social media platform that also allows users to publish their own content (which I use along with Medium)
  • YouTube: At BigCommerce, I used YouTube to publish how-to videos that helped us get 1,000,000 views and 9,800 customers in our first year of business
  • Instagram: The popular social media platform offers a variety of ways to generate and monetize attention
  • Facebook Live: As with Instagram, Facebook Live provides yet another way to engage with your target audience

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