My Story So Far…

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Hey I’m Mitchell Harper…

When I was growing up in the 1990s, my role models weren’t famous singers or athletes. They were entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Ray Kroc. In my teens I was more excited reading “Losing My Virginity” than playing video games. And by the time I was 13, I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur.

My fascination with entrepreneurship actually started when I was 8. Every weekend I would setup a makeshift lemonade stand at the bottom of our street and wave down passers by to stop and buy a glass for $1. Soon the lemonade stand turned into car washing. I would charge $5 per car and pretty soon I was making over $200 per week washing cars on the weekend. As an 11 year old.

My real taste of entrepreneurship came when I got my first job at Hungry Jacks. Sure I was only being paid $5.80 per hour, but I quickly learned how to run the place. One minute I was making a Whopper, the next minute I was running drive-thru and talking to someone about swapping shifts.

I worked long hours and saved every dollar I made. My goal was to buy a Compaq Presario computer so I could teach myself how to start building web sites, which I did after 18 months.Fast forward a few years and I was 19. I decided to launch my first company. I was learning a lot about building web sites, software development and entrepreneurship – and I liked to write – so I decided to launch in 2001. The idea was simple – as I was learning how to build web sites, I would write articles teaching others what I was learning.

As I built out the site I started to learn about online marketing and driving traffic. And within the first year I implemented what I was learning to drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site. Shortly after it was acquired by DeveloperShed for 6 figures. I was 21 at the time.

It’s Time To “Go Bigger”

Once I sold DevArticles, I realized e-commerce was booming. Amazon was a household name and it seemed everyone wanted to buy everything online. So I went to work with an existing computer hardware company and launched their online store for them.

I built and designed the site in about 3 months and in the first year it grew to 6 figures of monthly revenue. Along the way, I continued to learn how to build not just web sites, but web applications and in 2003 I co-founded Interspire.

From 2003 to 2008, we built various web applications to help small businesses grow – including SendStudio, ActiveKB, DevEdit and WebEdit.

We bootstrapped this business from the proceeds of DevArticles and some money my co-founder had working as a web designer and in 5 years it was doing $7M per year in revenue with over 50,000 customers and 250,000 email subscribers.

It was in 2008 we had an “a-ha!” moment and realized we needed to move away from selling software to selling software online as a service (or SaaS, as it’s known today). We decided to pivot away from our Interspire products over a 24 month period and launched Bigcommerce, a SaaS e-commerce platform, in September 2009.With no funding or outside capital, we grew BigCommerce to 10,000 paying customers in the first year and then decided to “go big” and raise money from investors. Between 2011 and 2015, we raised $155,000,000 from some of the world’s best investors, including Steve Case – the founder of AOL.

Sharing What I’ve Learned Along The Way

After running BigCommerce as co-CEO and growing the company from 8 people in Sydney to hundreds of employees in 4 countries, over 100,000 customers and revenue approaching $100,000,000, I decided to step down in early 2015 to spend time focused on my three main passions in life: my wife, my two daughters and helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Since I left BigCommerce, I’ve been hard at work helping millions of founders grow their companies. It’s not about the revenue or the sales, but about the continual progress and everything a successful business gives them – particularly their freedom (financial + time) and a chance to make a huge impact on the world.

I love taking my girls to a new country every 8 weeks. I love working when I want and from where I want. I love helping For You Haiti build schools and educate hundreds of kids. And I want to empower other entrepreneurs to live their dream lives, too. That’s why I do what I do.

In just the last year alone, our content has reached over 5,000,000 founders. I’ve personally advised hundreds of founders directly – and hundreds of thousands more via my webinars, videos, books and podcast.

My mission is to directly impact the growth of 1,000,000 businesses by 2027. That’s what gets me out of bed every day, keeps me up late and focuses me on creating content that helps as many founders as possible.In order to “live my mission” and reach more entrepreneurs, I launched Insane Growth in 2018. It’s now the primary vehicle through which I share what I know, along with my trusted team of experts and advisors who work alongside me to create our online courses and run our mastermind.

On this site you’ll find dozens of articles that will help you grow your business, improve your marketing, hire expert talent and lots, lots more. You can also grab a free digital copy of my 5-star rated book, “SANE: How To Build Your Business Rapidly Without Going Insane” here.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully our paths will cross one day soon…